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Graffiti art in Chandigarh- 23Gunstattoo provides you best Graffiti artist in Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali, Punjab | India. Now you can express your feelings with the help of graffiti art. If you want to paint your wall, windows, pillars, doors, skateboards then 23gunstattoo in Chandigarh is best place to visit.

We give our clients a comfortable atmosphere and best work of a graffiti art with affordable prize. Graffiti art is freedom of expression. It is Art as an instrument for the benefit of society. Imagine a city where graffiti wasn’t illegal, you could draw everything, whatever you like.

About Graffiti Art

Graffiti comes from the Italian word “Graffere”, which means “to scratch on a surface”. This Scratching can be done on any surface with any implement, permanent or not. Modern Graffiti art can be treated in the late 1960s in the United States. As time continues, etching and paintings document the stories of the people creating them. Some stories come in the shape of Graffiti Art, these stories are as varied as the artists telling them.

Graffity art

Graffiti art give you simple way to express your feelings and thoughts publicly.

Even in early times, Graffiti served as a voice for people standing in opposition to the choices of the government or mainstream society. Attempts to reclaim spaces or reactions to social injustice and Cries for revolution are found among the personal stories.

Different types of Graffiti Art in Chandigarh

  • Gang-Graffiti art uses gang signs and symbols. Found in easy to reach places like walls, fences, dumpsters and so on. It can be crossed or X’ed out. Gang member’s names should be small.
  • Tagger- Graffiti ranging from high volume. Visibility, the thrill of act, to express views or social commentary. It’s difficult to read, found in hard reach places like billboards, freeway signs, bridges, building tops.
  • Conventional- Graffiti often isolated or spontaneous acts of youthful exuberance, but sometime it shows realty.
  • Ideological -Graffiti such as political or hate graffiti, which conveys political messages or racial, religious or ethnic slurs.
  • Graffiti- Writing is separate from graffiti and is the movement most closely associated with the Hip Hop culture.

Discovery is a very important part of both graffiti writing and street art. Some artists choose a humble spot, perhaps an old, disused door with aged and peeling paint. Locations are chosen for their associations or demographics.

Advantages of Graffiti Art

Nowadays, we can see graffiti everywhere. We can see Graffiti art on pillars, walls, sidewalks and so on. Owing to technology we have lots of machines and different colors to paint. Graffiti art becoming a Nome in these days. There are plethora pros of Graffiti art.

  • Brings Art to Public
  • Valuable Form of Self-Expression
  • Brightness Up Area
  • Raises Area’s Profile
  • In Education

Spray Painting


Spray painting moved from the streets to the subway cars and quickly became competitive. Spray pain can be used to create signs and symbols quickly and neatly, often by applying a stencil that blocks paint from all but the desired area.

Wall Painting

Many cities organize wall painting events. In this event so many artists come and express their feelings and thoughts on wall. Nowadays, wall painting is also very popular

Post Graffiti

Post graffiti is also very famous among all people. This is a very simple and creative art. Nowadays, so many graffiti artists try to do this in so many places. Some people like to do Post-Graffiti just because they just want to expand their horizons.

Street Art

 Street art can be found on Buildings, on side walls, Sidewalks, and Street signs. Street art has many forms. Street art is visual art created in public locations. It is not limited to the gallery nor easily collected.

Pillar art

Nowadays, pillar art is also very famous in many countries as well as cities. Artists like to do art on pillars because it is the good way to expose feelings publicly. It is also a beautiful art.

Best Placed Where We can Help you Get the Graffiti art Done in Chandigarh

  • Wall
  • Papers
  • Canvas
  • Trains
  • Buses
  • Cars
  • Wood
  • Skateboards
  • Shoes
  • Clothes
  • Graffiti art in words
  • Pillars


If you are curious to express your feelings with the help of graffiti art so do not wait and contact us. 23Gunstatto gives you the best service at affordable prices. So be a part of our client list and decided it yourself.

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