Frequently Asked Questions – Tattoos

Tattoo FAQ

Please see below to get an answer to your questions and in case your question is not on the list. Feel free to ask.

• Is Tattoo Safe?

As long as you find and go to a Tattoo artist with a Good Reputation and who is follows the safety Precaution that are recommended. See the Safety Checklist

What Should be my Expectations when I go to get a Tattoo?

Please see the below points, I’ve mentioned a few thoughts about the Tattoo that you can expect.

• Does it Hurt?

That totally depends on the saturation point of the individual. Everyone has Different tolerance point. It hurts but not that much that anyone can’t bear it. And you might have seen people returning again and again for tattoos, so why would they come again and again if it hurts a lot. Most of us don’t feel the pain and the beauty of the Tattoo and the Pride of wearing it is for more than the little pain associated with pin stick in your body. Further, Read How much it really hurts.

• Can I use some kind of numbing cream?

Such products are never recommended. Find out why No Pain No gain.

• How much does it cost?

One thing Good Tattoos are never cheap and cheap tattoos are never good. So when it comes to tattoos you should not bother with the price of it because you will get what you are paying for. There are many tattoo artists who will ink you for cheap and then look for the real artist and have it covered up. So look for quality and pay for it. Don’t haggle on the price and don’t disrespect the art. If you don’t pay for quality, that’s okay. It’s not a bargain thing. It’s an art that you will wear for the rest of your life.

• Should I Tip for a tattoo artist?

Tipping is good gesture! But there is no such rule for tipping. See the Suggestion To Tip or Not to Tip.

• What Tattoo Should I get and where?

That totally depends on someone’s personal taste. What you like or what you want your artist to make for you. Your imagination is the only barrier for you else you can get anything. You can choose a design yourself or you can ask your tattoo artist to make a custom design just for you. Just keep in mind the social circle you are living in. Else place you can choose wherever you like.

What is the best time to get a Tattoo?

You can get Tattoos anytime during the year; however in summer your skin gets tanned and sweating is one of the common factors. So winter is the best time for tattoos. More details on Seasons to be tattooed.

• Is it okay to get a tattoo If I’m Sick?

Getting a tattoo when you are not well and your immune system is not giving it best is not a good Idea. You need your strength and white blood cells for the healing process tattoo. So if you are not well it is not recommended to go for a tattoo. If you have your appointment already fixed. Call the artist and reschedule it for next session.

• Is it okay to go out in the sun when you have a tattoo?

It sound really good to go out in sun and have some rays on you. But before you get your tattoo ruined see this article Tattoos and Tanning.

• Can I shave my legs when I’ve just got the tattoo?

So if you have got a new tattoo, the question comes when you can shave again, especially if you are a woman. Of course, men need to know this too depending upon where they got the tattoo and where they shave.
If you have got a new tattoo the place was already shaved before it started. Then after a couple of days, the urge of getting it shaved again becomes overwhelming. But notice the wound is still fresh and you can the art with the use of the razor.
Even the hair removing creams are as bad as using the Razor.
So when it is possible and safe to save again – Your tattoo goes through different phases and the last phase is peeling. When the peeling is over a new layer of skin starts coming up on the tattoo. When his layer comes completely now it is the best time to shave.

• My friend Brought a Tattoo kit, Should I let him practice on ME?

No! It is very critical if your friend doesn’t know how to use it. Both your lives would be in danger. It’s not playing stuff. Ask your friend to get the proper training and once his Trainer feels that your friend is ready now. Then you can let him practice on you.

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