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Tattoo Artist Gourav 23gunstattooTattoo Artist Gourav – Since my childhood i was in to basic sketching skills. And the zeal of learning Sketching and Painting keeps on increasing. Got some tattoos from different Tattoo artists.
After Doing the +2 it was a Question for me what Should I do. So finally took a step to be an Engineer.
Time keeps on going but never left my sketching skills behind.
It was the time when my B tech is over and time to do a Job now. But still my heart and mind was towards the art.
Finally my journey to be a Tattoo artist Began.

After Taking the Step-by-Step training, now its time to start up my own Studio. As I was artistic since my childhood and Tattoo profession is all about patience. If you do your work with patience you can create amazing designs.And that’s what I do.

I started with my first Tattoo studio in Chandigarh with the name Gambling Rose Tattoos in 2013.How ever recently we are changing its name from Gambling Rose Tattoos to 23GunsTattoos.

So I’ll be using  23GunsTattoo everywhere instead of Gambling Rose Tattoos. 23GunsTattoo always offers Quality Professional Work with Permanent Tattoos and safety of our clients is our main Aspect. Our Artists are Properly Trained in Tattooing and provide a safe Environment to clients.

We have a team of artists (male & female) now from different regions and they cover variety of Styles in tattooing and some of them are Tribal, Black and Grey, Lettering, Asian, Realistic, Religious and Bio mechanical. We prefer to draw a Custom piece for each client. We at 23Gunstattoo studio helps you in all ways, whether you want to speak about any story, you want to mark a memory or just want to do a body art , You will find our artists always available to Show their artistic Skills to Fulfill your Imagination and give you a great Tattoo.

Customers at 23GunsTattoo Studio receive highest standard of Hygiene and Services. And as Already said Our Clients safety is of Utmost importance at 23Gunstattoo Studio. We always make it sure that the Tattoo and piercing instruments are thrown away or otherwise sterilized in high Pressure after every use.

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